Venus Syndrome is an exciting new progressive rock/ metal project...

The band features Thibaud Pontet on drums (Eternal Flight, MetroTheater-Dream Theater cover band), Ayman Mokdad on bass and guitar (Alien Encounters, MetroTheater) Rodolfo Lima Sproesser on keyboards (Goiana, Tahra, Heretic, Floyd Rose cover Pink Floyd and other projects) and Emmanuelson on vocals (Ellipsis, Rising Steel, Hydroflame), Florian Guidat on bass (Alien Encounters)

The music in this project is the real story: carefully crafted power melodies, intricate hard rocking rhythms and soaring vocals inspired by Russell Allen (Symphony X), Warrel Dane (Nevermore) or Ray Adler (Fates Warning). Emotions, power and originality! Add in state of the art production and you get a truly inspiring collection of tunes worth listening to again and again.

Venus Syndrome is an international collaboration between musicians on two sides of the globe. Rodolfo Lima Sproesser is Brazilian while Ayman, Florian, Thibaud and Emmanuelson are French. With a target to enlarge as much as possible our fan base.